As much as I would love to get out for Ike’s track days in Chicago, its just not feasible for me. I’d like to get something going for just a day around here.

John_Harbinson had a great idea of going to Factory 5 Racing, which I fully support. they have an open house June 4th, but I’d like to get a private tours of the factory. (anyone have any contacts? otherwise I’ll just email them.) It looks like they do tours on Saturdays at 8am and 10am (obviously 10 cuz who needs to get up that early) Afterwards it would be cool to find a place to grill. I think it may be possible at Myles Standish Park. Ideas are welcome.

We could meet at the Canal and then drive over. I was thinking mid May if we did a tour. I’m a little nervous my wife will have our kids birthday party on June 4th. If we plan this a month or 2 out out I think we can get more people involved such as EssExTee who has requested a 2 week heads up. Who else is around here? Dusty? SN210? Cazzyodo?

zveugen is in, who else?