OppoMeet 2016: Thank You, Opponauts

I normally try to avoid short posts like these, but I’m making an exception because I had such an amazing time yesterday.

Every person I met over the course of the day was genuine, and it was like we all had been friends for years, despite the fact that we met a few hours earlier. It was seriously so much fun to spend the day with such cool people! And since my day began at 5:30 to get to Supercar Saturdays right when it started, I really did spend my whole day surrounded by cars and fellow gearheads. What more could you want, right?


It was truly one of the best days I’ve ever had, and its timing couldn’t have been better for me and my dad. Without getting too much into the details, my family has been experiencing some big issues with one particular member, so it was very nice for both of us to spend a day only thinking about cars.

So, thank you to everyone who came to OppoMeet yesterday. It was a blast to meet you all! Thank you, Ike, for going through the trouble of planning out the weekend. I enjoyed every stop and wouldn’t have changed a thing! And, finally, thanks for being awesome, Oppo.

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