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OppoMeet 2018. Oppo Conquers the dragon

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The meet is on! August 10th-12th 2018. We have a discounted room rate. We also have will have a “concourse” space as well as a banquet space! The reason the date is so far in advance is so I can start bringing in big names to join us(hopefully). I will also be bringing in sponsors to provide prizes for the concourse, and I am thinking we need to get a charity to do a raffle for as well possibly.


The Fontana Village Resort is where the event will take place; rooms for the weekend are $260 for the full weekend. (130 a night) If this is out of your price range there is plenty of camping spots where you can stay for around $40, both tent and Rv spots.

There will of course be group drives around the dragon, as well as hiking, sight seeing and other outings.


This is all in the early planning stages, as we go on I will up date you with my latest information! 

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