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On Saturday, I met up with SPAMBot and GolfR Guy and went for a drive up the ACH (Angles Crest Highway). It was a beautiful day and we occasionally got some clear roadway to actually drive. I say occasionally due to the number of bicycles out along with THE PRIUS that would not use the pullouts. But either way, it was a fun day and well worth coming out. SPAMBot had some typical Italian issues so I have added him into the lead photo with my slick MSPaint skills. Hopefully I didnt get the scale way off haha.

Throwback to the last time we met in Malibu
How it actually was when we met this time

Our route was a fun little cruise up the ACH, a relatively short drive up to the Mt Wilson Access Road. This is one of my favorite mountain roads to send it up, even though there are often bicycles and hikers on the weekend along with blind turns and rocks in the roadway. But at Miata speeds it’s nice and slow yet exciting.

Not from this drive but same thing

One thing I did learn is that now with a 5-speed transmission in this car, I can leave it in 2nd the entire way up the mountain! No need to shift into 3rd, although I did hit the limiter on one of the straighter parts. But I was well into third in the same spot in the other car at the same speed. Its just nice to have the extra gearing and stay in the power band a little bit longer.

Most importantly though, I just always love it up on Mt Wilson and we had a great time enjoying the cooler mountain weather with some good sun.


Another fun thing that happened was on our way down the canyon, we came across a big group of guys with some fun cars. They were a bit of the “younger” crowd with some highly modded tuner cars but it was still fun to share some car interests and check out the interesting builds.

LOUDEST BRZ I have ever heard. And the white Evox was running 600hp at the wheels (claimed)
We fit in so well back there!

One of my favorite parts of this encounter though was when one of the guys asks their group ‘WHO NEEDS SOME E??”. It meant something ENTIRELY different than I thought at first. To me that meant illicit drugs. But instead someone pulls out a jerry can of E85 because of course thats something to carry around. Considering the fact that we didnt know these guys, there was a pretty good chance it could have meant either thing in LA lol.


Overall, it was a great day and its always good to see some more Oppos!

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