Until now 25 people have voted for potential dates and locations for our next (week-long) meet. The top 3 of both location and date transfer to round two. Will it be France? Will it be Italy? The second poll is open for votes! Edit: preliminary results added.

But first, let us review the results of the first poll. The results for the location were clear. I’ve given points for every time someone selected they would consider the location, plus lots of bonus points if it was a #1-3 preference. Any way I changed the parameters, the top 3 was always the same:

With the clear winner being the border region between France, Germany and Switzerland, and the runner ups being Tuscany and Umbria in Italy and Eastern France/Northwestern Italy.

So, very roughly speaking, this: (please excuse my Dutch language Google Maps)


More details are found here, in the post where the suggestions were made. Border region between France, Germany and Switzerland:

Tuscany and Umbria in Italy:


And last, Eastern France, Northwestern Italy:



This comment had, partly, the same region in mind:


Then there’s the date. There was no specific preference for individual weeks in the poll. It was mostly focused on mid April until the end of July. You’ll be able to pick weeks you are available and are unavailable in the poll.


Previous trips

If you want more information about previous trips, there’s a summary here.

Preliminary results:

These are the results from the first 22 voters:



So, without further ado, here’s the link for the second round: