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Oppomeet Europe 2019. Where? We need suggestions!

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With two, week-long, Europpomeets behind us in 2018 (Wales & Nürburgring/Alps) it’s time to look forward. Where will we go in 2019? And when? Please make your suggestions here, so we can vote later. Everyone can make a suggestion! New people are very welcome too!


What is this whole Oppomeet thing about?

There have been multiple of these in North America and Europe. Here I focus on the latter only.


We tend to arrange a meet that has the potential of a week long vacation as well. Some come just for a day, others up to a week. We drive great roads, since the last meet we’ve added a bit of culture beyond purely car culture and there’s socializing at night (and during breakfast, and lunch, and...).

We have up to 6 nationalities present at the same time, and I would like to see more the next time. I’ve seen American, Belgian, British, Dutch, French, German and Hungarian people show up so far. No Scandinavians, no Poles, no Italians, no Canadians, no Spaniards and not othersso far. This needs to change!

Nürburgring/Oktoberfest/Alps, September 2018


(more to come)

Wales, March 2018


Alps (June 2017)


Spa (Belgium) and Nürburgring (Germany) (March 2017)


Why this post?

This post allows you to make suggestions about where we can go next year, preferably in the first half of the year. Some suggestions have been made already. Namely:

  • The France/Switzerland/Germany triangle. Maybe add in Europapark, Nürburgring, something else.
  • Croatian coast
  • Pyrenees (France/Spain)
  • Mini Mille Miglia (Italian coasts), Tuscany, ...
  • Tatra Mountains
  • Your suggestion here!

If you have other ideas, I urge you to elaborate on them here.

Most of our Wales lineup
Most of our Wales lineup

How should you ideally describe your suggestion?

Why is your suggestion a good suggestion? What is there to see, to do, to drive? Don’t hesitate to post many pictures as well! Note that what seems obvious to you might be completely new to others. The more convincing your case, the bigger the chance it will be voted for. Pictures speak louder than words!


Note that if you pick a location where we are unlikely to drive to (Malta? Romania?), include something about cost/availability of airline tickets and car rentals.

One thing we’ve changed after Wales is that while we spent almost all the time driving in Wales (which was great), we added a bit of culture in the Nürburgring/Oktoberfest/Alps trips as well. Which was even better. IMHO.


I would like to ask those that made the suggestions above (or others) to elaborate on them as well. It makes it easier to know what we can chose between.

What kind of requirements should your suggestion meet:

  • It should be in Europe. Yes, despite what some of their politicians say, the UK/Ireland are part of Europe too.
  • It should have nice driving roads.
  • There should be something to do other than driving.
  • There should be enough to do for multiple days, up to a week.
  • It should be somewhat scalable. As in, some people will show up for a day or weekend while others will want to join for a whole week.
  • It should be somewhat budget friendly. We’re not expecting to eat ramen noodles and camp in the wild every day, but it should be accessible to those that are on a somewhat tight budget.
  • If the season is important (for example: roads are closed in winter), elaborate on this.
  • If those of us who live in Europe will be able to get there by car (most live in the UK/Germany/Benelux/France) within a day of driving that would be a plus. Not a hard requirement though.

Note that it does not need to be 1 place. Last month we started in the west of Germany and drove through Austria, Slovenia and Italy as well.

Next step

After the suggestion period a poll will be made. In this poll you you will be able to vote on the date (week) and the location. In this poll we will incorporate all suggestions posted here that are at least somewhat reasonable, with the descriptions provided by you. If multiple people suggest the same thing, or add additional information, it will be included or linked to.


I realize some suggestions have been made in one of our whatsapp groups, but there were hundreds of other messages soon after. This Oppo post provides, I believe, a better medium to post a detailed suggestion anyway.

Bonus: I think DutchieDC2R made a great post promoting Croatia last year. You might use that as inspiration. You might even add more details than he did back then.


Take your time to post something here, it does not need to be today or tomorrow. I will shamelessly re-post this a few times anyway. Quality is more important than speed. But don’t wait multiple weeks either.


Additionally, if you see someone post a good suggestion and you have something to add to that, do not hesitate to reply.

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