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Oppomeet Europe, spring 2020; where should we go? Poll!

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After a vote on the date (April 6-10) we still need to pick a location. What will it be? Hungary? Scotland? Italy? Croatia? Greece? Spain? Portugal? You decide!


What is this whole Oppomeet thing about?

There have been multiple of these in North America and Europe. Here I focus on the latter only.


We tend to arrange a meet that has the potential of a week long vacation as well. Some come just for a day, others up to a week. We have activities planned on the week days, the weekends can be used to travel from/to the location.We drive great roads, since the last meet we’ve added a bit of culture beyond purely car culture and there’s socializing at night (and during breakfast, and lunch, and...).

We have had up to 7 nationalities present at the same time, and I would like to see more the next time. I’ve seen American, Belgian, British, Dutch, French, German, Luxembourgian and Hungarian people show up so far. No Scandinavians, no Poles, no Italians, no Canadians, no Spaniards and no others so far. This needs to change!

Previous meets:

Easter meet in France, 2019


Mallorca (spanish island) 2019


Normandy (France, 2019)


Nürburgring/Oktoberfest/Alps, September 2018


Wales, March 2018


(this is only part 1 of 5, check out the awesome rest!)

Alps (June 2017)


Spa (Belgium) and Nürburgring (Germany) (March 2017)



The locations in the poll have either been suggested in an earlier post, or in our whatsapp group. Some of the suggested locations have been removed as they might still have too much snow in early April. The locations and their descriptions are crudely described here, when a location has been picked we will work out the details further.

  • Tuscany and Umbria (Italy)
  • Eastern France, Northwestern Italy
  • Loop of Scotland, NC500 (UK)
  • Croatian coast
  • Greece
  • Hungary

In the poll there are links to the slightly extended descriptions. Example:


Here’s the link to the voting page:

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