In the poll from December 2 locations were leading. Scotland and... Tuscany (Italy). Tuscany won. So we will go to Tuscany, April 6-10, 2020. Will you join us?


What is this whole Oppomeet thing about?

We tend to arrange a meet that has the potential of a week long vacation as well. Some come just for a day, others up to a week. We have activities planned on the week days, the weekends can be used to travel from/to the location.We drive great roads, since the last meet we’ve added a bit of culture beyond purely car culture and there’s socializing at night (and during breakfast, and lunch, and...).

We have had up to 7 nationalities present at the same time, and I would like to see more the next time. I’ve seen American, Belgian, British, Dutch, French, German, Luxembourgian and Hungarian people show up so far. No Scandinavians, no Poles, no Italians, no Canadians, no Spaniards and no others so far. This needs to change!

Here’s a link to the old article where we asked you to vote. It also provides information about previous meets:


This was the last big meet we had. In France, Easter 2019:

We have had 2 smaller meets since, but this being Easter this will be a bigger one:


What will you plan?

5 days of fun®. Great driving roads, sight seeing, activities, maybe a (street legal) rally, social events at night and an optional shared residence.

Taken from the instructions of the 2019 regularity rally. The black figure translates in the direction of the red arrow.
Taken from the answers submitted in the regular 2019 rally

Have you planned something concrete yet?

No. We just picked the location. We start planning a route a location/locations to stay next. Activities come afterwards.


If you have any suggestions, they are more than welcome!

This will cost a fortune, right?

Our previous trips have all been relatively low budget, especially if you ignore the part of getting to the location in the first place. If you can get to Tuscany for a cost that is acceptable to you, the cost of the 5 days themselves should not be problematic. Obviously, fewer (or more) days than 5 is fine too.


Previous shared residences tended to cost in the €20-25 a night a person. Breakfast and lunch were nothing fancy, and frequently sourced at supermarkets. This being Tuscany I can imagine some (myself included) will want to dive into the local culinary traditions, but you are free to do what you please.


Do I need to be able to speak Italian?

Italian is easy. No one truly speaks it, everyone can make themselves heard. Just fake it. Officially, I cannot get much further than pizza. Or Pisa. But no, you don’t need to speak Italian. Practice the hand gesturing though.


Do I need to sign up?

Preferably, yes. We need a relatively exact number of people so we know what kind of residence to book. When we have booked something, full = full. In the past we tended to have some spare beds, but we cannot promise a bed to those that do not sign up. Note that the poll below will also offer an option ‘I will book something for myself’, as the shared residence is entirely optional.


What if I cannot join or am simply not sure yet, but want to be kept in the loop?

Use the poll below, and note that you will not join or are not sure yet.

We have 2 Euro-based whatsapp groups, one off-topic and one topical about meet(s), you can leave your phone number in the poll below if you want to be invited.


Do I need to bring my own car?

Drive your own car, fly in and rent something or simply be a passenger. Whatever floats your boat. And no, your car does not need to be fancy, exotic or fast. Diversity is key.

Easter 2019

Can I bring someone?

Sure. Do note that we talk about cars and car culture a lot. We also spend multiple hours a day in a car, for fun. If the person you bring can enjoy all that, they are invited.


Where do I sign up or note that I want to be kept informed?


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