Ok so I haven’t forgotten about Oppomeet (Chicagoland area aug 6/7) I’ve been working and emailing folks. Basically to little or no avail. Most of the responses I’ve gotten have been positive along the lines of “That’s sounds great!... But, no.” I have been trying to keep the get together cheap (less then 50 a person was goal, less then 20 was ideal) no where could I find this realistically. So my apologies for all that. Now the plan is to scale back and do some non racing stuff, more in the vain of a car meet, perhaps a road trip to some where. I’m talking all suggestions at this point. I hope to put something concrete out by the end of next week. Got a suggestion, let me know please! (I know there’s a couple good car shows we can “crash” during that weekend of August 6-7, which one would be best?)