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Oppomeet + Nürburgring + Oktoberfest in Munich?

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Yes, why not? As many must have noticed we’re organizing an Oppo meet at the Nürburgring the weekend of September 22-23. After that, many will continue to the Alps until Sept. 28. But given that Oktoberfest in Munich starts on September 22nd, we’ll go to the Alps via Munich. Everyone is still invited!


Among who’ve committed to coming we had a little survey, where going via Munich came out strongly ahead.

And by the way, it will be a very varied group. There will be people from the UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and the United States. Maybe France and Spain as well.


More information here (slightly outdated):

About the post Nürburgring leg of the trip (which is optional, you can obvously leave at any time). Note, Munich, home of BMW, has the BMW Welt museum:


If you want to know what we did in Wales last March, or just want a fun read, check out mr Biturbo’s posts (and those of others) here:


If you want to join us, please let us know. The questionnaire here is a great way to do so. Won’t take you more than a minute or two. Replying in Kinja will do too.

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