This is the list of people confirmed on either OppositeLock or Facebook, if you do not see your name and you are going, or if see your real name and Oppo-name doubled up here let me know! I’m gonna put a car next to your name if I know what your bringing, if you don’t see a car let me know what’s you’ll be driving. Please look at the schedule if your interested let me know! (Edit mods would you mind if I post this a few times over the next few days so as many people see it as possible?)((edit to the edit, no mod said no, so please as I repost let me know if I upset the rules))(((a mod said it was ok, so yay)))

Also now we have stickers

Karl EV has made some stickers as well


1. Steve Lehto ( Ford Explorer )

2. Ike ( Fiesta ST )

3. Miss Mercedes ( Smart Car )

4. Clayton Seams ( Cletus-vette )

5. Alex Reid ( Cletus-vette )

6. Tim White

7. Stanly Zitello (WRX)

8. Steve Watmore

9. Quincey Patrick

10. Phyllis Johnson

11. Marvin Carroll

12. Clayton Seams

13 Karl ev

14. Sam Stoner (530i wagon, maybe Porsche 924)

15. Derek Hanneman

16. Dylan Burgett (Rallycross Roadmaster wagon)

17. Nick Vance

18. Chris Fairbanks ( FR-Slow)

19. Steve Austin

20. Stainslav Nachev

21. Matt Johnson

22. Damien Wesolowski (Buick Century; Biaku)

23. Michael Woyahn