Good morning.

I am nursing a little bit of a hangover, so i am planning a little weekend challenge for you all:

You have just won the lottery. You don’t want to be THAT guy and run out and buy a new exotic, because you live in LA/Miami and all the tasteless Kardashians and Eurotrash has one. You want something classy, timeless, but you dont want just a vintage car, you want to make it livable with a modern drive train that would start without a mechanic on retainer.


So you want to build a resto-mod. But here are the rules:

  • You can replace everything under the hood, but the look of the car itself must be preserved (paint, wheels and suspension mods OK). The more you can preserve the interior, the better, but modernizing mods is OK.
  • It can be a sedan, coupe or wagon, even a SUV. But it MUST BE at least 25 years old.
  • The base car (the vintage part) CANNOT be a classic supercar or classic American muscle car, so: NO Lambos, NO ferraris, NO 911s, NO classic Camaros, NO Vettes, NO Mustangs, NO Challengers/Chargers etc etc. You are Oppo people, you can figure it out.
  • NO LS-x engines. Almost every resto-mod seems to have one of these. Be creative. The engine can be of any vintage, any type. Transmission choices are also open (lets assume you can make it all fit under the hood)
  • The goal is a car that you can use on the street, so do not build a drag race machine.

I will start because i came up with these rules in the first place

I will take a Jaguar XJ-C from the 70s, like this one:


and stick a the last gen of BMW naturally aspirated I-6 in it, with a 6 speed auto:


Reason: I want to build a classy car that would elicit something other than boredom at the valet stand of your local fancy joint. If Fancy Kristen approves, you know you are getting there.

Please post a picture of the car you are talking about, maybe the engine too. We are all car nuts here but its hard to visualize everything.