I want to hear from you! I'm considering starting out my career as a car salesmen. I am studying finance in school and it is incredibly useful but I have little desire to pursue a career as an analyst. Eventually I want to get into real estate investment, but you have to have money to make money. I want to know all about your job, the pressures, what you enjoy, what you don't enjoy, and what a new salesmen can expect to make at the average dealership. I'm not looking to work at one of those buy here, pay here places but hopefully a new car dealer. My goal is to be able to make enough money to gain financial independence from my parents while I continue through school. I am almost done with my finance degree but I want to add an entrepreneurship minor which will take an extra year. I want to do this while working because I am done being poor. Also, how is flexibility time wise? I have out of state family and I want to be able to travel at least three weeks a year.