I have been doing a fair bit of thinking lately. It seems that there is a theme outside of the automotive world, that binds many of the members of this community together. Im not talking about a love, for all things fast, but rather, an inherent need to be welcomed/loved. More so than many if not all other communities I have been a part of, there seems to be a sizable number of people who are here who seem to suffer from considerable emptiness and loneliness. I don't want to be quick to diagnose people with dysthymia or depression, but I do wonder how many of us have this. I myself, despite all of my medical training, have had a lifelong battle with depression. My struggles, which despite being almost 30, remain ongoing and while I was blue for a very long period of my life, I feel a substantial drive to help those of you who are either younger or older than me, to get the help you need. Whether it is friendships/relationships that you find meaningless, or your own life that you feel is unfulfilled, there is value in talking to others who have been down that path and know the struggle. For those of you out there reading this who know what I'm talking about, it gets better. It really does. Life is too short to waste it feeling miserable. If things are going bad in your life, tell someone. This community has shown an incredible capacity to love, and despite each of our own personal issues, we still bind together. If you are in a bad way, feel free to always reach out to me.