Opponaut? Sacrifice to German car gods? Threat?

Today was my second day driving the 911 to the train station. When I departed the train at 6:45(I run after work on Thursday, no OT required in my job); these were neatly arranged across the lower drivers side window trim...

I’m thinking this is one of three things:

1. Oppo? That you?

2. They were a fan and just looking for a moment to put their debadged BMW’s markings to a use.


3. A threat, nothing makes this person angrier than German car badgings, and my car is next.

Im guessing it’s 2 but I usually park at the other train station, so it will be a stroke of luck if me and this person do ever cross paths. I’m guessing they feel as isolated being a person with european preferences in the land of Lincolns, HUGE trucks, and muscle cars as I do. I don’t think I’d ever seen a Lincoln Zephyr until I moved back to Minnesota. MKZs? Yes. But Zephyrs? No. Now I see em on the regular. Well, anyway. Hello BMW 328i owner

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