Opponauts ASSEMBLE!!!

I have an old high school buddy that has an unhealthy addiction to Toyota trucks/SUVs that he cannot import yet. He likes the newer 70 Series Land Cruisers, but I’m trying to show him that an older LC would be cooler. Are you ready for this mission? If yes, click here.

I need YOU, the Opposite Lock brainiacs and masters of all things with four wheels, to find him the coolest Toyota Hilux/Land Cruiser/SUV that falls under the US Custom’s rules regarding importation (meaning, it’s allowed to be imported). The rules are as follows:

1. It should be REASONABLY PRICED (doesn’t have to be super cheap, but should be worth the money to a borderline reasonable person).


2. Preferably with a diesel, can have gas engine.

3. Must have 4WD.

4. Hopefully, already imported into the US. If not, very close to the US (Canada, for example).

5. If it is a US-Spec Toyota Land Cruiser, it better be the coolest effing US-Spec Land Cruiser in the world. I mean, in the US.

6. Extra cool awesome brownie bonus points if it has a snorkel for all that creek crossing that my friend thinks he’d do, but probably wouldn’t.


7. CANNOT BE A WEEKEND PROJECT CAR!! He’d be buying this to have fun with, not to improve in his spare time.

Show me what you’ve got, Opponauts. Impress him so I can get him to buy it, and then maybe I could drive it as well for being such a good acquaintance.


I’ll be messaging him this link tomorrow with your answers. GO!

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