Opponauts Assemble!

In need of car recommendations!!

So here is the situation. My fiancee’s 04 buick regal (not the supercharged 3.8 unfortunately) is on its way out. We are currently saving for our wedding so our max budget is 5k.

Her only requirements are easy on gas and bullet proof reliability. Heated seats are the only thing she would like if possible but its not a deal breaker. She is very partical to automatics


My requirement is something safe. I don’t want my future wife driving around in an old crx.

So far my short list is

The obvious, prius. Easy on gas and pretty reliable as far as I know. My only worry is around out budget they have pretty high miles (130k+) and the type of people who own them tend to not be car people and run them on a tight budget.

Next, is a vw tdi. Again, easy on gas, and the engines at least are pretty reliable, I think. I seems that these are usually treated better then the prius of the same age. My only worry is VAG reliability. If we go with this option, our garage will be all German and Italian, not sure thats a risk I am willing to take.


Lastly, any sort of japanese or korean 4 door sedan. Civic, corolla, whatever. All pretty reliable

This seems to be the front runner for now


Does any oppos have any thoughts or recommendations? And on a side note, if anyone is interested in an 04 buick regal in socal I may know a guy....


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