The most correct man in Amazon today.

Quoting his review of Extremely Ignorant Classic Melanie's Marvelous Measles:

If you enjoyed this book, check out these other fine titles from the same author:

Abby's Absolutely Abundant Abscess

Addie's Adorable Adenoma

Adelia's Addled Alzheimer's

Andy's Amazing AIDS

Anne's Incandescent Anorexia

Annette's Astonishing Aneurysm

Annie's Awesome Asthma

Arnie's Artful Addiction (to stuff, yeah)

Barack's Baroque Barbiturate Overdose

Barry's Bitchin' Beri Beri

Beatrice's Bawdy Bronchitis

Bella's Beloved Bell's Palsy

Bennett's Breathtaking Boil

Bertha's Blossoming Bulimia

Billy's Bodacious Botulism

Bobby's Bitchin Bubonic Plague

Bobby's Bubbling Buboes

Bob's Bodacious Bone Break

Boris's Big Blister

Bradley's Brilliant Bradycardia

Candy's Candid Candida

Carl's Chewy Cancer

Carl's Cool Cauliflower Ear

Carol's Calm Coma

Carol's Colorful Chlamydia

Carol's Copacetic Chlamydia

Carrie's Cavernous Caries

Carrie's Cordial Complications

Christian's Crazy Creutzfeldt-Jakob Syndrome

Chuck's Champion Chickenpox

Clarissa's Classy Klippel-Trénaunay Syndrome

Cole Herb's Heavenly Herpes

Colin's Copacetic Common Cold

Connie's Conquering Conjunctivitis

Cyril's Crunchy Celiac

Danielle's Dainty Dahlberg Borer Newcomer Syndrome

Dan's Dandy Dandy-Walker Malformation with Mental Retardation, Macrocephaly, Myopia, and Brachytelephalangy

Daphne's Delicate Distention

Dave's Darling Deformity

Diana's Diaphanous Diaphragm Disorder

Dolly's Desirable Death

Dominic's Domineering Dementia

Dorothy's Dominating Discharge

Doug (DeMuro)'s Daring Dengue

Doug's Delightful Dysentery

Edward's Excellent Eczema

Ellen's Elegant Alopecia

Emma's Exalted Emphysema

Ephraim's Ebullient Ebola

Ferdinand's Fabulous Fractured Femur

Flo's Favorite Flu

Freddie's Fantastic Fibromyalgia

Fred's Fabulous Fracture

Freya's Fabulous Fainting

Freya's Far-out Farber's Lipogranulomatosis

Gary's Gallant Gangrene

Gary's Grand Granulomatosis

George's Gorgeous Gonorrhea

Gloria's Golden Goiter

Greg's Glorious Gout

Hank's Hearty Hemophilia

Hannah's Hysterical Hantavirus

Harlan's Harmonious H1N1

Harry's Handsome Halitosis

Harry's Happy Hernia

Harry's Haughty Hemorrhage

Hilary's Heavenly Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism

Hilary's Hilarious hydrocelphallic-myocarinoma!

Hillary's Hilarious HIV

Homer's Humdinger Homicidal Ideation

Ida's Inscrutable Idiopathy

Iggy's Infamous Ischemia

Imogene's Inimitable Immunodeficiency

Inga's Incredible Ingrowth

Irene's Incredible Ichthyoallyeinotoxism

Iris's Irrestiable Itch (I saw what he did here)

Isabel's Interesting Infarction

Jane's Genial Genetic Anomalies

Jayoh's Jumpin' Jaundice

Johnny's Jocular Jock Itch (*Top gear audience laughter*)

Kyle's Copacetic Keratoacanthoma

Kyle's Crispy Keloids

Larry's Lordly Laryngitis

Larry's Lovely Lymphoma

Leroy's Lavish Leprosy (the actual sequel)

Lisa's Lovely Lassa Fever

Lucy's Lucious Lupus

Luke's Lucid Leukemia

Luther's Lucky Lupus

Mal's Mad Malaria

Mandie's Mega Mucus

Manuel's Magnificent Meningitis

Margie's Memorable Mononucleosis

Marie's Miraculous Marburg

Melanie's Mellifluous Malaria

Michael's Mighty Migraine

Mike's Magnificent Mumps

Milo's Marvelous Malignant Mass

Molly's Malignant Melanoma

Ned's Neato Nearsightedness

Nestor's Non-Stop Nystagmus

Nudge's Numinous Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

Oprah's Opulant Oppositional Defiant Disorder (Oprah bashing and hating this blogsite CONFIRMED!!!)

Orrin's Ornamented Ornithosis

Oscar's Awesome Osteoporosis

Pam's Panaroamic Pathology

Pauline's Prescient Parasites

Paul's Pumpin' Priapism

Percy's Perspicacious Pustule

Perry's Peerless Peritonitis

Perry's Precious Porphyria

Peters Perfect Polio

Polly's Polychromatic Polyuria

Polly's Pretty Polyps

Presley's Precious Presbyopia

Priscilla's Precocious Preeclampsia

Prunella's Practically Preventable Prion

Quentin's Quiescent Quarantine

Randy's Roaring Ringworm

Rhea's Really Remarkable Rheumatism

Rhonda's Racing Rheumatism

Ricky's Rockin' Rickets

Robbie's Rad Ass Rabies

Rocco's Raging Rash

Rosie's Rotating Rosacea

Ruth's Radical Rubella

Sally's Serendipitous Sarcoidosis

Sam's Saintly Schizophrenia

Sam's Smart Smallpox

Samuel's Stupendous Sleep-apnea

Sandra's Superb Sickle Cell

Sandy's Salient Sclerosis

Sandy's sensational syphilis

Sarah's Sentient Sarcoma

Sarah's Serene Sarcosinemia

Sarah's Stunning Salmonella

Scott's Scrumptious Scabies

Sir Sergio's Serene Cirrhosis

Spencer's Splendid Sprain

Stanley's Strapping Strongyloidiasis

Susan's Superlative Supraumbilical Midabdominal Raphe and Facial Cavernous Hemangiomas

Tarzan's Transcendant Transitional Cell Carcinoma

Terence's Terrific Teratoma

Terry's Tempting Tinea

Terry's Trippy Tremor

Timmy's Triumphant Tumors

Tipper's Tilltilating tinnitus

Tommy's Terrific Tapeworm

Tonya's Top-Notch Tonsillitis

Tuco's Torrid Toxoplasmosis

Tyrone's Titillating Typhus

Tyrone's Trippindicular Trichotillomania

Vera's Varicolored Varicella

Veronica's Voluminous Vericose Veins

Vivians Voluminous Vaginitis (oh gawd)

Waldo's Whooping Warts

Wally's Wicked-Awesome Wart

Wendy's Wonderful War Wound

Whoopie's Whooping Whooping Cough

Willy's Whimsical Weight Gain

Winnie's Wondrous Wandering Spleen

Xavier's Exemplary Exencephaly

Yolanda's Yummy Yersenia

There you have it. Read them all, one by one, and suffer from laughing near-endlessly. Emphasis on what won my heart, especially Oprah's.