Opponauts we must have a united front about two things.

One: the Ideal Jalopnik Car. I understand it’s gotta be the Miata and a brown diesel Volvo wagon, and there did come one time when there was a Jalop 320i but those are three separate cars. Is three cars OK, or do we need to have just one car to represent the Ideal Jalopnik car? Because we’re gonna need that definitive defining definition of said car for the next thing we have to talk about: The Apple Car.


Two: Yes, the Apple Car. I feel that such car will be the complete opposite of The Ideal Jalopnik Car, and then some. Should we have a Rebellion and keep our hard-earned cash off the Apple Car? Or should we wait until we get to know everything about the car? we’ve gotta reach a firm, decisive decision it quickly, because you know most people who buy Apple products.

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