I’ve owned my 2009 WRX for around a month now. It has been awesome so far! The car’s handling and acceleration blow my old boats out of the water on a back road (635csi, Q45) but around town? Not really. I now understand all the hype surrounding modern turbos that shift the torque curve much lower.

The 0-40 MPH wafting champion.

With a quick naturally aspirated car, you can discretely take advantage of those little “around town” opportunities for acceleration presented by things like stop signs and red lights. Partial throttle = partial acceleration, so its easy to dip into your power reserves without attracting unwanted attention.

I have easy access to 93, so I’ll be running the “stage 1" eventually.

Conversely, the traditional setup on my WRX doesn’t hit peak torque until ~4,000 RPM, and below that? Nothing. That said, this isn’t really a complaint, its more of an observation. My goal as an auto enthusiast is to enjoy the widest variety of experiences I possibly can, and the old school boost delivery is really amusing in its own way.

So Oppo, I have a few questions for you if you drive a turbocharged car:

- What is your setup? (twin scroll, standard, big single, biturbo, etc).

- How does it drive around town? Easy access to low RPM power?

- If you reflashed it, what effect did that have on more relaxed driving?

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