I’ve been driving the S10 all day. The drive home was 50 miles and I’ve put another 25 or so on it. It runs amazing - once it starts. It starts SO roughly and acts like it is flooding itself. I have to feather the gas pedal a lot to get it to start. This issue didn’t begin until later in the day, when the engine was warm. The cold start at the former owner’s house was good.

If I park, shut it off, and IMMEDIATELY try to start it again, it starts okay. Delayed, but I think the battery is weak. But if I wait a few minutes, like if I went into the store and came back out to the truck, starting it is like pulling teeth. It will start, but I have to struggle with it.

Fuel pressure regulator? Fuel filter? Old gas (it’s been sitting for probably 4-5 months)? I don’t want to do a fuel pressure regulator. With this spider injector crap the 4.3 has, it seems like that will be a bitch.


So far, I have at least identified all the issues - all minor. The dome light doesn’t work, the power mirrors don’t work, the door speakers aren’t hooked up, the rear window is missing its latch (common issue), the tailgate handle is broken, and the radiator has a small crack (leaks a few drops of coolant but no overheating or pressure loss). And the hard starting issue, of course.

For a twenty-year-old truck, I think that’s a relatively small list. Especially when you consider the positives. The power windows work great, the a/c works great, the four-wheel-drive works great, the brakes are good, the transmission shifts good, and the tires are even relatively new. I just need to figure out the hard start, fix the tailgate handle, and replace the radiator. All the other issues are so minor that I honestly don’t care about them that much. It’s an old truck anyway.

It doesn’t even have that many interior lights out. Just part of the HVAC and one bulb in the tach.