Opponions- Car Situation

Oppo- my GFs is up in a couple month’s and we’re debating on what do to next for our car situation. Currently we have my 18 crosstrek (financed), 1990 jeep comanche long bed (125k miles) and her lease. We’ve talked a little bit about just returning the lease and going with the crosstrek and jeep, but i have some concerns daily’ing the jeep (mainly, manual locks/windows, no airbags/seat retractors dont seem to want to lock). Wanted to get opinions on the options below:

Option 1- She gets a new lease and/or buys new/used, continue as is (slowly fixing comanche’s issues)


Option 2- She drives crosstrek, fix/update following on jeep for peace of mind/comfort.

  • Transmission flush/fill/possible upgrade to open cooling (PoM)
  • Rad Flush/fill (PoM)
  • AC Recharged/fixed (comfort)
  • Rust proofing (hoping i can do this on my own, but also finishing a basement office reno) (PoM)
  • Seatbelt replace(PoM)

Option 3- She drives crosstrek, sell comanche and replace with something newer/needs less work to feel better as a daily


Option 4- lease/buy new truck together, sell comanche keep crosstrek

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