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Opponions Wanted: Road Tripping Across the US

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I am beyond excited for what will be only my second voyage out the time zone and west of the Mississippi. I finally get to see the west while helping a friend move from Cleveland to LA in two short weeks. We are going to attempt the drive in two days which is feasible driving in shifts, especially since we are both seasoned long haul road trippers. That being said, it isn’t a sightseeing trip, but we still want to see some sights along the way. My question is this: which route should we take?


These routes above are the two fastest according to Google, one takes us through Chicago, Denver and Las Vegas. The other takes us through St. Louis, Oklahoma City and Albuquerque to name a few. I am currently leaning towards the northern route since the scenery and cities will be more interesting, but I am concerned about encountering more traffic along the way. For those who have done it, which route did you take and would you do it again? It does not have to be one of the above routes, we are open to anything. Also note that I am flying home, so I have to choose one route.

As far as LA goes, what do I need to do while I’m there? I am planning on renting a motorcycle on Sunday August 2nd so I can ride up the PCH to Malibu Cars and Coffee, and also ride Deer Creek Road, the snake and a couple of others. I’m open to suggestions for bars, restaurant, coffee and roads. What do you suggest Oppo?

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