The story for those not following, I need to replace one of the nuts holding my subframe on: a special kind of nut (cage nut) that needs to be able to float as it cannot be acessed without cutting a hole in the floor, and it is necessary for frame alignment

I can’t find a nut that is supposed to fit, but given the thread sizes seem to match oer par number c122 seems to be the ticket


even though it isn’t for this year car. I am pretty sure they are at least similar enough to use as a replacement. Trouble is, price and shipping. It wont be here this weekend.


I could drive to pick it up from summit in ohio, 4 hr round trip. Hope the thing fits.

My car is otherwise ready to be test driven, for the first time in five years. I want this so bad I can feel it physically in my bones.


My other option would to just put a regular nut and washer in, and tack it down. Hope when the subframe comes off later, I dont need to re align it.

I can’t make a decision, I’m too emotionally close to this. What does oppo think I should do? Forget the “proper” nut? Cannonball it on saturday? Just order the thing and be patient? If you are convincing, I might just actually listen and not do a dumb thing!


Variables to consider: cost of a tank of gas, overnight shipping, my time, my level of concer, my potential future headache, possibility of buying the wrong part because nobody lists bolt dimensions online for some reason.

UPDATE: Turns out, it costs much less to ship ovenight from wherever jegs warehouse is (California I think) than from Ohio to Pennsylvania. Go figure. 20$ shipping vs the 10 it would be normally anyways. Still, 48$ for a nut is not exactly ideal, but I was able to confirm that at least its the right dimensions. I hope I can reuse my original cage, but worst case scenario I can tack in the new one. Ordered. My poor wallet.

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