My in laws are offering their 1999 Ferd Expedition to me for “whatever it costs to get fixed” They don’t know what is wrong with it, or if anything is wrong with it. My FIL went to drive it the other day and “it made a noise” so he decided not to drive it...

Not the actual Expedition in question

Let’s assume I’m going to get it for $1000 or less because my interest level will drop significantly if it’s any more.


I’ts got 16x,xxx on the clock and they’ve owned it 10ish years. Normally I’d say this is a no brainer as it’s cheap, and it’s big. However I have 4 other cars, and one of them is a pickup. This would have to get parked on the street and I’m not sure what I would use it for. At the very least it would be kid friendly as none of my cars are.

So oppo, what say ye?

Take the grand expedition, or stay home?

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