If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Oppopinion: #goals

So right now I’m planning in a year to replace all of my vehicles with one car, and I’m very particular about what I want it to be: Blue, RWD, manual, under 100k miles, comfy/some toys to play with, competent in the corners, and decently quick. I’ve been looking at C5 Corvettes, Saturn Sky Redline, S2000s, late-NB Miatas (a bit too slow, though), etc. and I just came across this on CL:


That’s a fairly decent looking 90s wedge with a hardtop convertible from a German luxury car marque (hnnng dat badge snobbery), the color is fabulous, it has next to no miles, and forced induction because repair bills are fun.

How are these cars? I see quite a few on CL (in black) for cheaper than this and was wondering if it’s something worth keeping my eye on, or if it’s an utter turd of a vehicle I should avoid and never look sideways at again. I parked one once as a valet but it was a smoker vehicle with 160k+ miles and utterly destroyed on the interior so I mostly blocked out the memories of that.

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