The headlights in the 02 are not good. I have found two kits from “Dapper Lighting” and I am ready to pull the trigger on one. So lighting pros and other Oppos with oppinions... What say ye?

First we have the OE7 - Which is an LED setup that is meant to look light the original lights. This the way I am leaning as the they are on “pre-sale” and I’m not in love with the projector look on a car from 1975.


However, I’m not thrilled with being a guinea pig for a new product. Also, it is my understanding that HIDs are better/brighter than LEDs. I also haven’t had great luck with about 50% of my LED projects (probably due to cheap LEDs).

So here we have the Dapper Lighting 7" Classic V2 A projector housing where I would opt for HID bulbs, ballasts, and no halos.

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