UPDATE: Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine I ordered them. You all made good points.  I almost always buy new tires when I buy a new car but didn’t with the Discovery (I wasn’t keeping it, right?) so I guess I was on borrowed time.

As is now apparently our tradition, we’re setting off in about a week and a half for an New Years overlanding adventure. This year we’re going back to New Mexico, this time with all three offroaders (last time we went I opted to drive the Volvo instead), which is about 725 miles one-way, probably about 2000 miles total.

The tires on the Disco... aren’t great.

They aren’t bad, but I had them up for replacement early to mid next year. The tread is fine, 7/32 on the mounted tires and 5/32 on the spare (which is weird but OK), but they’re beginning to show a little dry rot around the radius. About like this (I don’t have any actual pictures because reasons)

Not my tires, but pretty close to the rot I’m looking at.
Photo: Bob is the oil guy

Also the outside edge of the tread looks... wrong. Almost lightly grated? I assume from a lot of trail driving with deflated tires? Looks like this but without the cracking between the treads.

Again, not my tires.
Photo: TruthAboutCars

Tires came with the car but are relatively new. No older than 5 years anyway.

New tires are going to run about $850 (delivered, taxed, mounted) all in for five. Not ideal timing with Xmas coming up. Also still haven’t started the new gig so.... heh.


Partner made a good observation: If I replace the tires right after I get back, then I’ll regret not having them on the trip. (I’d plan on putting it off until April, but I see his point)

What does Oppo think? Replace? Wait?

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