Today's Oppopinion (oppo + pinion, because this is about steering doncha know?) isn't about any particular cars, but rather a brand that could have some really nice-looking machines but ruins them with THIS SHIT.

I present the 2014 Lincoln MKX. Decent lines, I like the wheels, but then oh my GOD WHAT IS THAT GRILLE?

This is simply the worse corporate grill ever. It looks like the new Buick waterfall (also hideous) had a love-child with the BMW kidneys and the Mazda 3s demonic grin, with vestigial lights attached as well. Dear god, please make it go away.

The 2014 MKZ doesn't even look like the grille is very functional, given that I can see black plastic in between some of the chrome stripes on the left or right, giving an opening about the size of a paint can. Ugly *and* not useful! Though this is the one Lincoln grille I could *stand*, at least.


Oh and then there's this. This one pisses me off because that's a damn pretty SUV with the Alien Vs Predator's Kidney Beans from Hell slapped on the front of it. Why? It's an affront to a good design! And I'm a GM whore!

So what do you guys think? Is the Lincoln corporate grille a symbol of class or a grim reminder of how good designs can go horribly, horribly wrong?