Oppopinion on white steelies?

So in my never ending quest to be unique I was trying to think of a color scheme for the Civic, and I thought that it's 'Pearl Black' now, and I'd kind of like to keep that color because it's nice, but the black steelies don't go that well with them, so I'm thinking of powdercoating the wheels white. When I searched 'white steelies on black car' the first result was...

A 2 door matte black version of the civic. That's spooky close. What do you guys think? Do the white stock steelies add a bit of something to the car, or should I keep my eyes out and wallet open for some new wheels that probably cost more than the car does?


And I just realized the civic in that picture is lowered. That is a reasonable amount of low. I like it.

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