As you might imagine almost all of my thoughts are centered around the arrival of my 1502. I should receive the title, and service records along with a 1502 badge this week!

Since I don’t have much to do but wait at this point I have been thinking about all of stuff I want to do to it besides drive the piss out of it. If you can’t tell from the picture, the BMW Roundel on the back is matching green as opposed to the traditional blue/black. I’m thinking I want to swap that for an original roundel, or go complete the “turbo” look by adding the rear spoiler as it already has the front bumper and fender flares.

I’m thinking that I would have the spoiler painted to match instead of leaving it black like the car below. I’m assuming that it will look better on my car because it does not have the chrome trim.


I would then maybe add a traditional roundel in the center of the wing. I’d love to put a roundel to right of the plate, but my car has something there that appears to be paint.


So what say Oppo?

Leave it?

Just change the roundel?

Add the wing?

-Keep it black or paint it?

-Add a roundel? If so where?

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and or a good last week.