The estimates are in! As expected, they are about the same. For those who don’t remember what I’m talking about, my WRX was t-boned week before last.

Knowing it would take several days for the other party’s insurance, Allstate, to take responsibility (he received a citation for failure to yield), I contacted my insurance, Farm Bureau, so I could get a rental car immediately without out-of-pocket costs. I spoke with Allstate the next day to talk about repairs. We decided to have both companies provide estimates before making a final decision.

Now it’s time to decide which way to file it. If I file with mine, I get better rental coverage ($30/day instead of $20/day), but I have to deal with paying the deductible ($500) and wait for reimbursement from Allstate. I asked the agent about increases to my policy and he said not to be concerned since it was the other party’s fault. I believe him since we went through this with my wife’s Explorer a couple of years ago.

If I file with Allstate, I may have to downgrade to a Corolla or equivalent or pay the difference in cost. The upside is that I won’t have to deal with paying a deductible.


By the way, I did talk to both sides about diminished value. This will be negotiated when the repair is complete. I also talked to the Allstate adjuster about the tires. Since it is AWD, all four tires must be replaced to prevent drivetrain damage from tires with different diameters. This was news to him. I’m pretty sure that is going to be a point of contention.

So, Oppo, what would you do?