In my Facebook group, fast pickup trucks have been the topic of the past week. We’ve put up things like the GMC Sierra HT and the Chevrolet S10 SS up for debate, and the results have been largely varied. But today I got into an argument with one of my friends as to what constitutes the name, “Hot truck.”

He says that “hot trucks” are trucks that are mostly base in trim but have a faster engine and faster internals to be something a little more for the everyday worker. Some examples would include:

The Dodge Dakota R/T

The GMC Sierra HT


The GMC Sonoma GT

However, he thinks that trucks like the Syclone, SRT-10, Lightning, etc. are not hot trucks because they’re too expensive and too pampered in comparison. I respectfully disagree, because I believe the term “hot trucks” should be applied to any truck that’s faster than normal.

I decided to bring the topic here before I got into a big friendship-ending fight, so...what do you guys think?