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FP article got me thinking. Then I had the want to reply. Then I got Kinja’d. Then I remembered I don’t care what the FP thinks and its better discussion on Oppo. Am I an asshole?

So a couple scenarios:

  1. 2 Lane highway, both lanes occupied by people doing roughly 63 mph, no one ahead of them. I got in the left lane and approached tailgating level, while keeping about 1.5 car lengths between us. Driver in right lane sees that the other driver isn’t going speed up and pass so they kindly slow down a little. At this point the car ahead of me continues to stay in the left lane and begins to slow down further (with their brakes). After about 30 seconds I’m doing 55 (in a 65) behind them so I get in the right lane and floor it by them. As I pass they give me the finger and swerve into my lane while we are dead even. I put my foot down a little further and drift into the breakdown lane just to get by and then back to the lane and do 80 for a bit to put some distance. Am I an asshole?
  2. In rush hour traffic (in NH so not really stop and go but everyone is doing 45-50), 2 lane highway, I am in the left lane as a lot of traffic is entering and there is a line of cars ahead of me and to the right. Driver behind me is tailgating pretty badly (probably about 2 feet between us). I press the brake pedal just far enough to make the light go off without actually using the brakes (because I don’t want to be bro-dozed by the coal-roller behind me). I do this 3 or 4 times effectively before traffic gets a little lighter and I can get in the right lane so they can tailgate the guy in front of me. Am I an asshole?

Share your tailgating stories (even the sports/events kind) here because its Friday and I’m bored at work.

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