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Oppopinions: Chevy Trailblazer

Yup, I've moved for Blazer to Trailblazers. It's just natural progression.

4.2 Atlas I6, (preferably) 4WD, and standard wheelbase.

I have no idea how reliable the Atlas is. I know there's always the risk of the 4-speed failing, which is a roulette game my family is accustomed to playing.


The interior is like anything else from GM in the early 2000s. Not anything I'm not accustomed to. Though at least there's some sort of design to it.

I'm pretty sure there's an active recall on them right now for something. Though that's a trip to the dealer away from being fixed.

I found a 2002 LS 4x4 with 177,000 miles on it. Other than the exterior plastics needing some Meguiars Back to Black and a front Chevy logo, it looks pretty damn good. Though the dealer says it has a V6 and is one of those sketchy buy here pay here places.


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