So I’m thinking about tinting the windows on the Integra. But I have a couple of questions first though.

Here’s the link to the website I’ll probably order the tint from, in case anyone has prior experience with them. I’m looking to get either the solar guard brand or their 2 ply pro plus.

They sell the tint pre-cut for your vehicle, but they offer the rear cut in two different pieces for easier installation. Once it’s fitted though, can you see the line where the two pieces meet or does it just depend on how well you do the job?

Lastly, the whole reason I’m looking to do this is to keep the car cooler and help protect the interior from the sun. I’m thinking 50% on the front windows and 35% on the rest (including the hatch.) Would that be enough to do anything? I know that 50% isn’t much, but it’s basically free, how they have their kits set up (Ordering for the whole car is the same as ordering two kits for the rear windows and hatch.)

Btw all the tint is legal for where I live.