Contemplating several ideas for a “weekend” vehicle / track toy. Been driving around in a 981 Boxster for about a week now and I think its a fantastic platform. I’ve been contemplating.

Not sure what I want to spend yet, lots and lots of variables. I love my AMG but I don’t drive it. Might keep it. Might sell it and spend big money on a toy, who knows.


Anyways my contemplation(s) of now are one of these 3 vehicles. Sadly, the closest auto x day to me is about a 2 hr drive and the closest track to me is about a 5 hour drive, so whatever this toy is, its not likely to see a bunch of track time. The roads out here are good, so I’m not overly concerned about ride quality, but I would like something thats not going to make me stop by the chiropractor every time I drive it.

Opition 1:

997 Turbo. 3 pedal of course. By far the fastest option.

Option 2:


981 GTS. 3 Pedal again. likely the best suited mixed use car of the 3

Option 3:


981 GT4. My favorite of the 3, Ive already seen GT4 prices inflate. Looks great, sounds great, performs great...

Need opinions and why, or other options...

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