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Oppopinions Needed

I’m being as frugal as possible until winter so I can afford to upgrade my 14” wheels to 15” American Racing AR767 wheels (or cheaper lookalikes) and get some actually decent tires, which includes not paying my parents auto insurance until winter (My truck is on their policy. They pay it and I pay them).

I figure I’d have to put aside $1000 for wheels and tires (by this Thursday I would have $500ish). After I buy the wheels and tires I would owe my parents another $500 for insurance and by the time I can afford to pay them back I would owe them another $50. But after I take care of getting my truck some new shoes and paying my parents what I owe them, I plan on upgrading my cracked and faded headlight housings.


I kinda wanna do a black housing, what does oppo think of these:

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