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Oppopinions needed

Not about motorized vehicles. Decaying Cougar before the question.

I’m 21, 6’5”, 320ish lbs and I’d like to lose some flab and maybe add a little muscle. Can anyone recommend some good options to help me achieve a goal of getting 280ish or under? I’ve been checking out CrossFit at the extreme side of things, Pilates, and struggling to figure out where I could start in a gym.

I have been eating much healthier by cutting out a ton of junk/frozen food, eating much more fruit and vegetables, and have cut out fast food almost completely. The last few months have been about getting myself healthier starting with mental and emotional health, I now feel that I’m at a good point to start working towards better physical health. Much thanks to anyone who can offer solid advice. Will reward with car pictures of choice.

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