Oppopinions Needed: 4 Cylinder Camaro

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After getting Mrs. Snuze a new Terrain I find myself longing for a new car.

I still like my Cruze, but it was never my dream car, I got it when I was in college and it was about the nicest thing I could get for my budget. Its also 7 years old. So as we were shopping for a new SUV for her, I found myself looking at new cars for me as well.


It probably would have never crossed my mind but I started noticing some pretty good end of model year deals on entry level Camaros right now. If youd asked me 5+ years ago about a 4 banger in a Camaro I wouldn’t have even considered it. But now its got me intrigued. Its the same engine our Terrain has, and I love it. I can only image it is better with 500 less pounds and a manual transmission. Also fuel economy because I am an adult now and have to worry about stuff like that. I haven’t driven one yet but may try to this weekend.

What is the Oppopinion of such a machine?

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