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Oppopinions needed, E46 M3 Vert? Boxter? Ghia? Baja Bug?

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So I sold the muscle truck today, just didn't have the time to work on it. So now I get to do my favorite thing: Shop for a new car! I still have the FoST but I'm open to selling that too since I don't really need the hatchback and absolute reliability of a new car like I did with my old job. The way I see it I have three options:
1: Buy something older, but reasonable reliable as a second/fun car. Ex: Karmann Ghia, Baja Bug, older BMW. Keep the FoST as a reliable daily driver.


2:Buy something oldish, but somewhat impractical as a second/fun car. Ex: 1st Gen Boxter, Z3, S2000, Miata. Convertibles mainly. Keep the FoST as a reliable and practical daily driver.

3:Buy an E39 or E46 as my primary driver. Sell the FoST and buy one of the options above, or maybe a cheap work truck.


But that begs the question, how do I feel about some of these cars? I'd love to have an E46 M3, but most of the ones that are reasonably priced around here are convertibles. Like this one:

Now I'm not going to going to the track nearly as much as I was now that I'm in Houston so a convertible could be kinda nice, but something about a convertible M3 just feels... wrong.

I also don't really know how I should feel about the Boxter, prices are cheap cheap cheap now, and they're supposed to be fun to drive but... they're not that fast, I don't think they look that good, and they give off a sorta poser feel. I dunno. What are the maintenance and reliability like on Boxters? This one is close by and the price is right.


Then I'm also looking at old aircooled stuff, which would be new to me, like this Ghia


Or this Baja Bug


And then I really like this 540i, really low miles. Could make a great DD


But this S2000 also looks good

Ghaaa so many choices!

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