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Oppopinions on a new DD

So I've officially landed the software engineering job at Superchips. Sometime this spring (or summer) I'm actually going to get the S2000. I'm catching the carrot on the stick. The thing is though, I don't want to daily it. Never have. I want it to be a weekend toy, a prize I jot out and don't subject to rain and parking lots.

So I need a 2nd car. My Miata seems like the obvious choice, but having two 2 seater roadsters doesn't make any fucking sense. The girlfriend really loves the car and is having a hard time scrapping up money for a beater, so I'm probably going to let her drive that. So I need new daily suggestions.


I like Hondas, weird shit, and cars that should not exist but do anyway. If they were legal and I could fit, the answer here would be AZ-1/ Cappucino, but they're not and I don't so I need something fun/practical/ under 8k.

How are Civic Si EP3 hatches? CRXs? What's the trick to finding a V6 MX-3? $8k WRXs are super shitty, right? Are SVT Focuses (Foci?) worth the 93 octane?


I'm absolutely lost here because I've spent so much time chasing the S2000 I've not spent much time in other, completely different cars. Advice please.

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