Not car-related. Just my M4 in CSR2 to attract you.

So some of my classmates (who are in student government) decided to start a class Facebook page. Now, this sounds good and well...but

Students can’t post. I understand the general lack of maturity of children in our grade, so not everyone should have the privilege.

I feel that student intercommunication is essential to extrapolate the most from the page, so some other kids could be allowed to post, but alas the student admins are bent on relegating it to just them.


Here’s one of the things I commented; it asically summarizes how I feel.

“As I feel that in its current state, this page is merely the student government, and then the rest of the grade. I feel that “we” are placed as subordinate... for a page that’s meant to be “US”. Therefore, renaming it to CLASS OF (YEAR) GOV’T INFO. PAGE will limit to its purpose, as you feel that the students are too callow to handle such responsibility.”


Sorry to condemn you guys with high school “politics”, but what does Oppo think?