Evening/afternoon/morning everyone.

with the lovely community of automotive photographers on here, I wondered if anyone could offer me any tips. I've been playing with some of the presets on lightroom, and could do with some opinions of others, as to what sort of style you like, and any suggestions of things to try to make it better:

I have been playing with this cobra picture I took, as its not a bad picture, but its not particularly exciting.

Original photo:

Medium contrast:


Punch: I quite like this, but I don't know if its maybe taken the picture too far from its original. its also got some Vignette applied, which i like as it draws you to the car.

Less altered: Temperature, exposure corrected and mild vignette applied


just temperature and contract adjusted:

I don't know if the more heavily worked photos are overdone? whether i'm best of just leaving the photos alone completely, or whether the editing is making them better? so thoughts, comments and the like very welcome.