Oppopinions: Second-Gen Acura TL

On my seeming pointless search for something to replace my hateful POS, the late 90s- early '00s Acura TL has caught my eye. How does Oppo feel about these.

I know they aren't much more than a gussied up Accord, but I like how they look; the interior look pretty nice; and being Honda, it should by stereotype last a long time.


I know Honda motors have timing belts rather than chains, so that'll be a concern. I also know these gained a 5-speed auto after 2000, though that could be the autobox that Honda had issues with, so a '99 with a 4-speed might be a safer bet. Either way it has 225 horsepower in non Type-S trim.

They were also built in America, which is a plus to me.

I dunno, I'd need your guys help with these, Hondas aren't my specialty, but I like everything I've read about it so far (which isn't much.)

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