Hello. I need something to throw on my bumper. Doggo’s got some claws and always puts on paw on top of the bumper before hopping out. Consider what I just paid to have it repainted, I’d prefer to eliminate this concern.

Digging through the forums, I found this recommendation, which the user happily says works “perfectly” but is not necessarily pretty.

Since I don’t plan doing any heavy-duty loading, I wonder if this is overkill. Other people have recommended a 3M clear strip. There’s an overwhelming amount of 3M products that do this-this-and-that, so I’m trying to find the correct type of the correct size (to cut down) that won’t mess up my paint and not be uselessly thin.

It would REALLY awesome is there was a real protector made for the IS, but there isn’t. The ones off an RX or a Matrix do not fit.


Anyway... What say thee?