Oppopinions solicited: Pre-2005 Nissan Frontier

I’m window shopping for a small, automatic pickup. After scrolling through ever iteration of potential Toyotas (shocking, I know), I remembered that Nissan also made a small pickup. And then I remembered they’re like half the price of a Toyota.

It’s not a stretch to gather that it’s not as handsome, fast, reliable, or comfortable as a comparable Tacoma. But I’m not looking to break the bank for this one. Just something affordable, disposable, but reliable and straight.


The interior maybe a step down from even the base 2014 Tacoma I drive now. But it might have less rattles.


Here’s a dubious fully-loaded one with what I believe is mold everywhere:


Anyway... Is this a viable solution? What do you think of the pre-2005 Frontier? Any known issues?

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