Oppopinions sought: dog seat covers

Ruby appreciates your input on this very important matter.

I need a better seat cover for my car. I’ve tried checking a few review sites but most seem to be sponsored pages so they aren’t much help.


The cheap seat cover I bought for my car is falling apart after only a few months. I thought I’d check here to see if anyone has a specific brand or model they like.

The car: 2013 Volt. This is important because the rear seat isn’t a bench.

I need something that will work with that center hump. The current model has a zipper that I can undo which lets it straddle the portion in the middle and sit nicely in place.

Needs: durable (I don’t want to be buying several a year), it needs to let the seatbelts be used, hammock style may not work because she sometimes has to share the seat with my son, the easier to clean the better, decent hardware and straps (crappy straps were the first thing to break)

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