I travel a lot for work and that often means driving. I’ve been renting because I don’t want to put the miles on the Fiat (or risk breaking down in NE New Mexico and not having cell service). I’ve been thinking about adding a second vehicle, but I’m a little torn about what.

On the one hand, renting something strictly for highway driving is pretty cheap ($30/day plus gas) so it’s not a huge expense. On the other hand, I’ve sometimes needed vehicles that can deal with some relatively sketchy unpaved stuff which isn’t really ok with Enterprise. (I’m not talking Moab here, but loose soil/poor clearance/scrapey vegetation).

My boss has an ‘05ish Civic and an Xterra, so he just uses whatever is appropriate for the site.


Do I get something like a RAV4 and occasionally rent something cheap for long boring highway drives when I want better mileage? Or do I get something like a Matrix and take risks with rental SUVs/trucks?