Oppopinions Wanted: BMW 328i

Today I test drove a 2015 BMW 328i. I think I’m in love.

It’s a nice car, black/black, has a 6 speed manual, and fold down rear seats (these are important to me and are an option, apparently). It’s got a nice little deck lid spoiler and the 18" wheels look good on it. It also has a bunch of other options I don’t care about (heated seats, sunroof, etc.), but nothing too fancy. Over all it’s a really nice car and they want $18,500 for it.

In terms of condition I’d call it good. I got a Carfax on it and it’s clean, no issues. It was a lease car and was then sold as a CPO. I went over it as best I could and it’s straight and tight (body gaps good, no paint mismatch). The interior is in very nice shape, only issue I could find was a plastic cover over a child seat anchor was missing. The outside is rough, theres some swirl in the paint and a couple semi-concerning scratches. However I have a friend who is pretty good at detailing & paint restoration, I sent him pictures and he’s confident we can fix most of it.


The price seems in line with 2 similar 328i’s w/ 6 speeds at Carmax in my area, a 2011 with 62k miles for $16k and a 2014 with 58k for $17k.  So what do you all think?  Good car?  Good deal?  Or am I walking into a minefield on this?  

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